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Modern Finance

Shaping Your Personal Financial Future

  • Are you a successful professional, 45 - 60 years and have a minimum of $500K in investable assets?

  • Are you concerned about your financial future but are apprehensive about what to do?

  • Are you looking for personal solutions in an effort to secure your retirement?



Our Story

I’m Victor DeLucie. When I got into Wealth Management in the early 1990’s, the world was very different. There were no cell phones, e-mail or the ubiquitous internet. CNN was the only 24 hour cable news alternative to the three, legacy television networks.


Today, information comes at us all through our handheld devices and computer monitors, from thousands of sources. Some are reliable. Many are not so much.


  • Would you agree our collective need to make sound, thoughtful decisions for our and our families’ future well-being is paramount?

  • Have you heard Social Security may not be sufficient to carry us into and through a comfortable retirement?


There is an alternative.


The United States economy, through its ups and downs, is powered by thousands of publicly traded companies. Although past performance is no guarantee of future results, did you know several have yielded consistent, growing dividends; quarter after quarter and year after year, through all economic conditions across decades?


Although unwarranted distributions are not guaranteed; did you know dividends may serve as a recurring income vehicle?


An investment account may be set up to pay out quarterly dividends on an automatic basis.


If, for example, an investment account owns 25 such companies, there are an annual total of 100 checks mailed throughout the 12 month calendar. It’s like setting up your own, passive income stream. In later years, the core investment account may serve as an inheritance legacy or the charitable funding source of your choice.


Are you concerned about funding your retirement and have a minimum $500,000 in investable, liquid assets? I can help in providing you personal solutions.

Who We Are

I have approaching three decades of experience providing investment and retirement solutions. I am an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR).

This is an important distinction. I have a higher fiduciary duty and must put your best interests first.

It sounds obvious that should be the case for all financial professionals. It's not.

Non IAR's need only consider whether an investment is suitable; regardless whether it's in their client's best interest. Example: Although mutual funds charging higher fees may be suitable, if an IAR is aware of similar, lower cost funds, it is his fiduciary responsibility to disclose it.

Also, a percentage fee is charged based on an account's value, versus charging a commission every time a transaction occurs.

This aligns me to our common interests in increasing your account's net worth and eliminates conflict.

Our Vision

There are recent statistical studies showing today's generations are fearful they will not be as secure, post working life, as are their parents.

More people than ever before are not prepared for the likely very long retirement they will enter given current longer life spans.

Many don't expect Social Security to be enough to realize a comfortable, financially worry-free retirement.

I've made it my mission to address these concerns and provide personal solutions; one client at a time.

The US is the greatest economic miracle the world has ever seen because of these multinational enterprises. Owning several of some the best run companies' stocks, under the right conditions and circumstances, may be enough to provide the answer to today's retirement conundrum.

About Us




Financial Advisor

Our working together means you get my undivided attention.

We understand that as "our client" your  specific concerns, needs and goals are unique.

We act in your best interest and provide personal solutions to help you achieve the retirement you deserve.

Clearing Firm

Your account and its assets are held at National Financial Services; a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investment Company. 


National Financial Services LLC is an independent company, unaffiliated with Western International Securities, Inc. (Western) or any other third parties referenced herein.

NFS is a service provider to Western. There is no form of legal partnership, agency affiliation, or similar relationship between WIS and NFS, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein. NFS has not been involved with the preparation of the content supplied by WIS and does not guarantee, or assume any responsibility for its content.

What We Offer

Savings Solutions

Dividends are your friend. I will show you the power of compounded interest via reinvested dividends over the long term.



Deep Industry Knowledge

I've seen and worked through several economic contractions.


We all remember the 2008-2009 "Great Recession" precipitated by the Subprime Loan Crisis.


When things are most difficult seems to be the time when I provide the most value to clients.

Years of Experience

My two plus decades experience have taught me shooting from the hip, irrational, emotional, less than well reasoned decision making is often poor and costly. Patience tends to be a virtue.

Why Us



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DeLucie Capital and Western International Securities, Inc are separate and unaffiliated entities

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